About Us

Gawad Bayaning Kalusugan is a National Award and Tribute to the Frontliners in the health care and case management of patients with CoViD-19 in the Philippine Hospitals.
It celebrates the individual and team stories of heroism and the hallmark service excellence offered by the individual frontliners during the times of the pandemic. It acclaims the professional excellence and the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teamwork in the fight against CoViD-19.


This is a national search for the exemplary performance of frontliners in the health care and case management of CoViD-19 patients.  Its goal is to give recognition to the remarkable performance of individual front-liners and teams.

Specifically, this project aims to:

  • 1) Give recognition to the outstanding performance of individual frontliners and teams in the health care and case management of CoViD19 patients in Philippine Hospitals;
  • 2) Document exemplary individual stories of heroism and outstanding team dynamics leading to service excellence in healthcare management in the Philippine context of CoViD19 pandemic;
  • 3) Engage the business organizations and the enterprises in giving recognition and reward to frontliners;
  • 4) Create exemplars in the individual, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary healthcare practice; and
  • 5) Make available the evidences of Healthcare management of CoViD19 for use documentation in literature, education, research and publication.

Qualifications for Nomination

  • Personnel of the nominating Hospital (regardless of status);
  • Had been engaged in the direct care management of patients diagnosed to be positive for CoVID19, whether individually or part of the healthcare team.
  • Nominated by the Hospital engaged in the Direct Care and Management of CoVID19 patients in the Philippines.
  • Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php50,000), cash from sponsors, each for individual and team categories.
Customized Award Trophy